International Homelife Expo
International Homelife Expo delves deeply into the home furnishing and gift industry, holding multiple series of exhibitions worldwide every year, attracting exhibitors from all over the world. The exhibits cover multiple categories, including household and daily necessities, dining and kitchen supplies, office supplies and gifts, beauty and personal care products, outdoor leisure and sports supplies, pet supplies, etc. We continue to establish a new mode of online and offline integration exhibition, creating more cooperation opportunities for exhibitors and buyers, stimulating the economic vitality of the industry, and seizing new opportunities in the industry together with our partners!
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AFF&INTEX International Textile Expo
AFF&INTEX International Textile Expo is one of the most highly regarded textile trade shows worldwide. In 2022, Intex and AFF officially entered into a strategic partnership, joining forces to support the growth of Chinese clothing brands and become advocates and witnesses of the development of Chinese clothing brands and markets. Together, they aim to foster collaboration and advancement in the industry.
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Appliances & Electronics Show
the AES (Appliances and Electronics Show) is dedicated to promoting the global development of consumer electronics and home appliances industries. It covers a wide range of categories, including computer and mobile peripherals, smart wearables, smart home devices, outdoor electronics, daily appliances, kitchen appliances, personal care appliances, and appliance accessories. The exhibition provides efficient networking opportunities for the upstream and downstream sectors of the consumer electronics and home appliances industries, facilitating close collaboration between domestic and international stakeholders.
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The Industrial Network
MACHINEX|TIN Industrial Equipment and Components Exhibition spans across multiple global regions, with a particular focus on rapidly developing economies in East and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, and South Africa. More than 12 different promotional channels employed, like Google, Facebook, EDM, and roadshows, we conduct precise global marketing to swiftly identify the procurement needs of key buyers and attract over 60,000 targeted buyers to the event.
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Asia Baby Children & Maternity Expo
ABC&MOM International Baby Children Maternity Expo, as a globally renowned comprehensive trade and service platform in the maternity, baby, and child industry, is dedicated to promoting international exchange and trade cooperation in the global maternity, baby, and child industry. The exhibition showcases a wide range of products including maternity and baby care products, baby and child food, toys, strollers and furniture, children's clothing, footwear and accessories, and more. It provides an ideal platform for efficient networking, brand promotion, and seamless collaboration between the upstream and downstream sectors of the industry.
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International Power and New Energy Exhibition & Conference
The Power and New Energy Exhibition is dedicated to finding solutions for microgrids and grid integration to ensure the sustainable development and stability of commercial and residential power generation. Its goal is to achieve "affordable clean energy for all" in a broader scope. The exhibition focuses on showcasing innovative technologies, products, and services in the field of power and new energy, with a particular emphasis on renewable energy sources. By promoting the adoption of clean and affordable energy solutions, the committee aims to contribute to a more sustainable and accessible energy future for everyone.
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The Plastic Packaging Printing and Food Packaging Processing Equipment Exhibition adopts a unique Meo O2O exhibition attending model. This model involves pre-show buyer appointments, in-show QR code matching, and post-show follow-ups, seamlessly integrating online and offline elements. It combines people, products, and the exhibition space into one integrated experience, facilitating precise matching between exhibitors and visitors, efficient product communication, and helping exhibitors overcome trade obstacles to achieve growth against the odds, rapidly increasing their market share.
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International Build & Decoration Expo
BDExpo is held annually in 18 countries, empowering Chinese building materials and home furnishing companies to explore and expand into global markets. BDE Expo covers a wide range of products in the fields of building materials, hardware tools, furniture and accessories, kitchen and bathroom, lighting and decoration. It attracts tens of thousands of local builders, design companies, importers, and other professional buyers' attention.
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The 15th Dubai Building Materials Exhibition
United Arab Emirates
The 10th Mexico Exhibition
The 8th Türkiye Home Furnishings Exhibition