Innovative Digital Solutions For Foreign Trade
To Build A High-quality Service Matrix For Foreign Trade, Consider The Following Components.
Break the information silos, empower offline exhibitions,
and enhance the effectiveness of participation.
6 million company-level buyer database
Make an appoitment for negotiation with self-selected buyers for negotiation
  • MEORIENT Buyer data in database
  • Submit interested buyers by yourself
Arrival notification of self-submit, self-selected, self-invited buyers
Guide matched buyers to your booth
  • Onsite visitors' information identification
  • App+PC real-time notification
  • On-site guidance and negotiation
Online exhibition report generation
Easily follow up with the buyers on CRM platform
Service activation
Buyer invitation
On-site buyer matching
On-site guidance and
buyer management
In the backdrop of the AI technology boom and the metaverse, we are committed to providing digital solutions for Chinese foreign trade enterprises, helping them enter the digital world. Our flagship product, NetExpo IDM Smart Factory, assists Chinese brand enterprises in building smart factories during global exhibition events, bringing the factory to the exhibition site. It enables remote factory inspections by exhibition visitors, further facilitating trade between buyers and sellers. With the integrated ChatGPT AI module, we offer multilingual AI reception for visitors and buyers, collecting RFQs automatically, and seizing every global business opportunity.
Ai-guided Digital Communication At Exhibition
Enterprise-exclusive AI learning model
Responding only with content relevant to the business and remaining loyal to the enterprise, with a positive emotional inclination towards the enterprise.
Guiding potential customers to visit
Analyzing customer needs, providing solutions, recommending relevant products, and guiding them to the corresponding product introductions.
Retention and analysis of potential customer information
Analyzing customer intentions and other data to generate daily RFQ (Request for Quotation) reports.
Traditional Exhibitions
Racking my brains to design an exhibition booth may not be as effective as showcasing what I really have.
If I can only show my company's hall and factory on the show floor through pictures and videos, How do I stand out amongst the exhibitors?
When the show is over, how do I present myself to my customers, only by standalone websites, e-brochures, or texting on whatsapp?
Adding IDM Smart Factory to the exhibition lineup
Factory strength certification.
By utilizing digital data collection methods, the company's showroom, factory, and products can be digitized and stored in the cloud. This enables the certification of exhibitors' capabilities, granting them the "Verified Manufactory" qualification.
Portable factory and showroom.
Real-time dynamic showcasing of cloud-based factory, showroom, products, etc. at the exhibition site; buyers can access more comprehensive exhibitor information on-site.
AI business reception.
At the exhibition site, assisting on-site personnel with multilingual AI business reception to handle customer inquiries.
Meo GPT is jointly incubated by Meorient and the Zhejiang University Institute of Computer Innovation Technology. It empowers digital marketing services for enterprises through AI technology. The MEO Meta team consists of AI technology experts and digital marketing specialists, dedicated to developing next-generation applications of artificial intelligence. They provide enterprises with high-quality, cost-effective frameworks for digital marketing content, including bulk generation of marketing content, integration of marketing channels, customer data collection, and feedback mechanisms.